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WOH designs furniture and accessories intended to strike a balance between functionality, pure Nordic aesthetics and sustainability.


warmth of home

We are always looking for beauty in simplicity and constantly aiming to provide ease to our daily lives. Our belief is that discrete and practical objects build a good atmosphere. Embracing and employing traditional handcraft techniques alongside with unconventional solutions gives our minimalist designs a homely feeling of warmth.



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non-slippery felt surface 

The WOH Felt Hanger acts as a flagship of our designs. WOH was born out of the need for a clothes hanger that keeps the garments safely in place and in original shape. WOH Felt Hanger features a non-slippery surface made out of PET felt that consists of up to 70% of recycled plastics and a stainless steel hook. WOH offers hangers for each type of garment, but is best suited for knitwear and heavy garments that tend to lose their shape with time.

Storage Stool

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space used in a smart way

The WOH Felt Storage Stool is a practical storage space that can also be used as a stool or a small table. Made out of PET felt, which consists of up to 70% of recycled plastics, and comes with beautiful wooden cover and oak texture. Available in different colours to harmonise with different spaces.  


easy set-up

The WOH Felt Rack is a minimalist and practical piece of furniture made of natural oak. Its non-slippery felt detail can be used for laying out scarves or blankets but also acts as a distinctive design element which creates a beautiful combination with the WOH Felt Hangers. Its clever construction makes it easy to store and move.