Size Doesn’t Matter, London Edition

For the second time around WOH is taking part of the travelling exhibition Size Doesn’t Matter exhibited during Design Festival in London.

Josh Redman Photography

Josh Redman Photography

London is perhaps busy all year round but September feels special to us as different design related events take place and the streets are full of interesting crowds. Whether it be the new students gathering from all over the world to start courses at London universities, fashionistas running the streets in editorial worthy outfits to catch the next London Fashion Week catwalk event or more modestly stylish people rushing for another exhibition opening held as part of the Design Festival.

WOH team is happy to be part of all that buzz this year. For the second time WOH products are exhibited as part of the travelling exhibition Size Doesn’t Matter that has previously been show in Brussels, Vienna, Stockholm and Caen. In September 2017 the exhibition is held at Oxo Tower in London, where nearly 50 designers from Estonia are represented.

“Size Doesn’t Matter” contrasts the small size of the country with the high number of designers and the abundance of achievements, in order to introduce Estonian design in foreign countries. The curated collection consists of high-quality small-production-run products and of new innovative industrial products. The collection is characteristic of Nordic style where natural materials meet with innovative solutions and minimalism meets with humour.  WOH is showing its Felt Hangers and Storage Stools among ohter beautiful pieces by such respectable crowd as: Martin Saar, Tanel Veenre, Jaanus Orgusaar, Elmet Treier, Mare Kelpman etc.

The exhibition is accompanied by a small pop-up shop run by Estonian Design House.

WOH wants to thank everyone who helped setting up this exhibition designed by Helen Sirp, also Estonian Association of Designers (EDL), the idea author and curator Ilona Gurjanova for making WOH part of it.

Have a look at the exhibition catalogue below:

EXHIBITION 14-24 September 2017 11am – 6pm
POP-UP shop every day 11am - 6 pm
OPENING and private view: 15th of September 6pm
LOCATION: Oxo Tower Wharf / Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH

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